Most women know the struggle when it comes to beauty: Finding the perfect lipstick that simply looks gorgeous, does not bleed out during the day, is opaque, does not need five hundred touch-ups and layers, does not feel sticky, does not dry out your entire lip and does not make you feel uncomfortable, because you would need to check your lips every thirty minutes or else you have to fear looking gross.
Nope. No one would want something like that.

Over the years I’ve tested an insane amount of lipsticks and lip glosses in order to find the perfect one for me or even the perfect brand. In my early teenage years I had not that much of money, obviously, so I could not afford brands like Urban Decay, MAC, Tom Ford, Chanel et cetera. I most likely bought brands like Maybelline, BASIC, p2, Essence, Catrice, L’Oréal and all the other different drugstore products available in Germany (where I live) for creating my make-up looks, teaching myself how to use all the products out there and how to achieve what I wanted. If I remember correctly Maybelline was the brand I used the most back then and I also think that it was the brand from which I got my very first beauty products.

Because I could not afford more expensive lipsticks – or expensive beauty products in general – I did not spend much time thinking about them, nor did I even care that much about them. That happened later between the age of 18 and 19. I started doing more research for more expensive make-up when I was something between 17 and 18 – just in case you’re wondering when I started using make-up: I started at the age of 11 and I think at the age of 12-13 I did full face looks. But that’s not exactly the topic of today’s blog post. 😀

Today, I want to show you my (little) MAC lipstick collection – it is indeed little compared to other people’s collection. I am not going to review every shade in detail, but this is a pretty good overview.

MAC lipsticks have a very special place in my dark and gloomy heart (:p) since they were the first proper lipsticks I invested in and also the first ones that mostly kept their promise. I have to point out that I am not in love with every single one of them. There are shades which disappointed me, but way more often than not I was happy with what I received.

Now: Let’s dive in! 🙂

On this picture you can see my entire collection consisting of twenty shades with different finishes. My favorite finish is matte.
I am going to publish a blog post about MAC’s lipstick finishes in the future just in order you are curious about how many there are, what the pros and cons are and so on. Now I am going to talk you through the shades step by step.

Matte Royal (matte)
Retro (satin)
Brick-O-La (amplified)
Antique Velvet (matte)

Sin (matte)
Diva (matte)
Verve (satin)
Heroine (matte)

Whirl (matte)
Hot Thaiti (glaze)
Del Rio (satin)
Fresh Moroccan (frost)

Smoked Purple (matte)
Cyber (Satin)
Viva Glam III (matte)
Stone (matte)

I hope I could give you a nice overview and could help you with deciding in case you want to purchase some. Have a nice day!