…That kind of sounds like a rock song with corny lyrics. In the music video there would probably be a man with an Elvis Presley hairstyle sitting on a motor cycle and a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, whispering this line with a „Baby, you’re my pretty girl“ look on his face. You know, the stereotypical Rock‘n‘Roll bad boy look thousands of women fell for. ? But! I think I want this to be the name of my new tattoo related series here on my blog which I want to start having from now on.

Since I’ve been into any kind of body modification for numerous years of my life already (sounds as if I was like 50 years old) I wanted to dedicate something to that passion of mine. Those of you who know me for a few years now will remember my old blog and the other body modification related series I used to have – but those were about piercings (I think I called it ‘The most dangerous piercings‘ – Was there a lack of creativity going on concerning the name? Maybe!) and not really about tattoos. I am planning on publishing a lot of piercing related blog posts, too, but since I tend to enjoy tattoos a lot more than piercings at the moment I prefer talking about them on my blog, because I prefer sharing things I actually like and enjoy than talking about something I wouldn’t necessarily talk about if I had the chance to talk about something else, but: If there is any topic about the world of body modification you would like me to cover or if there is any question you have and you would like me to answer it just leave me a comment down below! ?

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about my new tattoo and, of course, also show you my precious little thing which encouraged me to probably get more tattoos like that. The picture above already shows my new tattoo: My first finger tattoo.
So first of all: I am not a person who thinks that a tattoo should aaaalways have a deep meaning behind it. Of course I think it’s super cool if someone has a very meaningful tattoo, but I don’t think this is always necessary or that your tattoo has no value to it if there is no deep meaning behind it. Even though all of my tattoos have a meaning to them I wouldn’t say I will definitely always get something tattooed on me that is very, very deep in meaning. I will probably not always consider the next tattoo for like three years, but I will still overthink it and I’m also the kind of person who would tell you to really think about what you want to get inked on you, because the meaning behind our tattoos will never fade or change (the value might change, but the meaning will always be there), but our taste in style or stuff similar to this probably will. That’s why I encourage friends or other people to just think about it – but I do not talk people out of their ideas.
With that said I think I should just start from the beginning of the day and later on give you the main facts like what it means, the pain scale and so on.

On October, 20th 2016, I woke up and I don’t really know and remember how it started, but I just wanted some new ink, something small, on my body – also as some kind of preparation for my tattoo project that started a week later to remember the feeling of the tattooing process, because the last time I got tattooed before this one was in 2014. :p I sat down and thought about all the things I want to get tattooed on me in the future, but most of them were bigger or huge pieces so that wouldn’t be the ideal thing right now. I just wanted something simple and small and since I became more into tattoos on fingers I thought „Hey, that would be a cool thing“. Right after that I did some research and thought about what I could get done. It actually did not even take a long time until I found out what I wanted – and a few hours later I stood inside of the tattoo studio – very easy, very spontaneously. I told the artist what I wanted and it was no problem at all.

The funny part about that experience was his reaction when I told him that I wanted to get the symbol on my finger. His eyes became very big and he asked me if I was sure with the placement. I replied „Yeah, of course, I really want it on my finger“ and he just told me that finger tattoos just hurt so, so much. He even told me they were the worst to get, only the ribs might be a rival there, but every person he tattooed on the fingers would haven been screaming during the process. „Well,“, I thought, „Good news“. After a couple of minutes him and me went down inside his tattooing area and he started his work on me.
It was a bit of a surprise here, but the pain level was really, really, reeeaaally low. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 = pretty much zero pain, 10 = really painful) it’d rate it a 1,5 or 2. It really did not hurt that bad, it felt like a liiittle sunburn and that’s it. Really no big deal. After the tattooing process I thought it was funny that the tattoo artist told me those horror stories beforehand, because I just couldn’t relate to any of those screaming persons. Maybe I have just a high pain tolerance, but I’m also used to body modification pain, because I am quite heavily pierced and I also have an idea of how getting inked feels like due to having my neck inked. I think I will get more finger tattoos. I love the esthetic.
By the way: The symbol means ‘healing‘, but I won’t go into more detail. ?

Can’t wait for my next tattoos! And also: Do you have any tattoos? How is your rating on the pain scale? Tell me about your experiences! ?