I’ve always been a watch lover. I grew up always seeing my family wearing very pretty watches, especially my grandma, and after some time she also bought me a watch. I think I attended the primary school back then. From then on, I wore my watch every single day – really every single day –, because I loved it so much and it became a part of me. I wore it for a long time until it broke, but I immediately got a new one since living without a watch on my arm felt so weird and I missed it. This ‚tradition‘ of wearing a watch everyday lastet until around the time when I started working at a hospital for a couple of months at the age of 18, because I was not allowed to wear any kind of jewelry or accessory during my shifts, of course. It is not hygienic and also dangerous.

After I stopped working at the hospital, I somehow forgot to wear a watch due to the fact that I was not used to it anymore. Also, because my old one started getting unsightly and I did not went out to get a new one, but after some time I got another one which I wore pretty often, however not every day since it was no tradition any longer as I formed a habit of not wearing one during the couple of months.

Now it hit me and I wanted to come back to the roots again. I still love any kind of watches (also pocket watches – Gosh, I am SUCH a huge fan of those!) and clocks so I decided to treat myself and bought the beautiful and classy watch you see on the pictures. It is the Classic Black watch by Daniel Wellington (36mm, silver). When I was first introduced to this brand, I was not a fan of the watches, because I have only seen the golden ones with the colored wristbands. I am not a fan of this style, it is simply not what I prefer to wear so I did not like the brand, but after looking through the website, I have discovered that they also sell them in silver and with different wristbands. That was the moment when it was pretty clear that I was going to buy one.
A couple of minutes later it was done. 😀

Two or three days after placing my order my new beauty arrived and I fell in love immediately. The quality is definitely amazing. I am very satisfied and recommend buying a DW watch to everyone who is looking for good quality. Check out their website.
What I really like about my watch, aside from the quality and the color scheme, is that it is very plain. I usually prefer eye-catching things, but this time I was looking for a really simple, but elegant watch which I could wear to whatever I wish: To a simple black dress, to something really popping, to a casual look, to something outstanding and so on. Just simple, black and chic, that was what I wanted – and that is exactly what I got.

What do you think? Are you also a watch lover?

Have a nice day! x