I’m Ekuase, a twenty-one year old German based blogger with a passion for any kind of art, spirituality, photography and writing.
Born and raised in Germany with plenty of foreign roots and always feeling wanderlust in my veins.
Alongside I’m a cat mommy, a girlfriend, an author, an artist and a student always lusting for more knowledge.

When I’m not falling in love with my newest lipstick or highlighter, you will probably find me dwelling on the Internet or spending time with my loved ones – or I will be sitting in a tattoo studio getting inked or getting pierced for the 31st time.

I attend concerts on a regular basis, especially of bands playing Folk music, Metal and medieval music. Medieval festivals are also heavily loved.

Other than that I like watching TV series (so addicted to Vikings, Salem, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals), graveyards (call me creepy), walking in the woods, witchcraft and witchy stuff in general, everything vintage, spooky, macabre, grotesque and odd.

I live straight edge since June 2013 (no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes) and I am in the process to have a vegan diet.

Now: Get some food, have a tea, coffee or whatever you would like to drink, take a seat and (hopefully) enjoy your time here on Inmortalitas. If you do so feel free to subscribe to my blog. Have a nice day!